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moving you forward by increasing recovery
moving you forward by increasing recovery
Written by Kate Richardson June 2020
What are some of the pro's and con's of being a working parent?


1) You aren’t isolated
2) You can provide more for your child
3) Your life is more balanced
4) Time spent with your child is precious 

Posted by Dr Sean Richardson, June 2020
Taking it easy at the right time is absolutely critical to high performance. Getting your mindset right around things like time off, recovery, and having fun is essential if you are going pursue excellence in any area of life....
Written by Kate Richardson May 2020
"As a concept, I think parental burnout is fairly inevitable” Colman Noctor, of St Patrick’s Mental Health Services in Dublin.

I agree with Noctor on this one. At least on face value, but I would go one more step to finish his sentence and clarify that it is ‘inevitable’ in our modern world because things are vastly different. We are the same humans (with the same primal brain), only we exist in a far more pressurised and complex environment. The problem is that the 'human' hasn’t changed.
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